Usage Policy

This Usage Policy and accompanying definitions pertain to certain web hosting accounts that may be offered on our website that include “unmetered bandwidth”, “unmetered data transfer”, “unlimited disk space”, and / or “unlimited storage”.

Disk Space, Storage, Bandwidth, and Data Transfer

For certain Shared and WordPress web hosting plans there is no upward limit to the amount of disk space, storage, bandwidth, or data transfer a single customer may use with respect to their web hosting. Subject to these terms, SteadHost makes every reasonable commercial effort to provide its customers with the disk space, storage, bandwidth, and data transfer resources required for the normal operation of a website. Our goal is to provide the resources required for a typical website that may experience periods of growth resulting in increasing demands for resources (such as disk space, storage, bandwidth, or data transfer) without customers being subject to additional charges.


In order to ensure excellent performance for all websites on a server, customers must be fully compliant with our T erms of Service, and utilize disk space, storage, bandwidth, and data transfer in a manner consistent with the normal operation of a website. While rare, when performance on a server is compromised due to excessive demands by an individual website, we occasionally need to temporarily constrain accounts that are utilizing more server resources than should be the case in the normal operation of a small business website. For those accounts that are consistently making excessive demands above the normal operation of a website, including those that are not in compliance with our T erms of Service, we may suspend or terminate the account in question or ask that the customer adjust the web hosting plan they are currently on to one that better matches the needs of their website.

What is acceptable and appropriate usage?

Acceptable and appropriate usage is defined in two ways:


  1. As outlined in Section 6 of our T erms of Service, which clearly describes unacceptable, disruptive, and forbidden uses of our
  2. As outlined in our D etailed Server Resource Usage Specification Chart, which clearly describes the technical limits of our Shared and

WordPress hosting servers.



Websites utilizing server resources within these technical limits and in accordance with our T erms of Service are considered to be operating normally and using resources appropriately. In addition, we provide customers with the ability to easily monitor in real-time the level of server resources their website and account are using, and we are always available to help answer questions about how a website’s performance can be optimized.


SteadHost is continually investing in technology and support features. Our web hosting solutions have been specifically designed to serve the web hosting needs of small and independently owned and operated businesses and organizations throughout the world. Since you will be hosting your website with hundreds of others on our servers in a shared community, our offerings are not intended to support enterprise level or large company requirements. This typically also includes eCommerce websites, high traffic websites that require greater server processing resources than a shared web hosting server can provide, and websites that have been configured improperly or have been extended with additional functionality causing higher server demands. For these types of websites, we may recommend migrating your account to higher performance services that provide dedicated server resources such as a virtual private server (VPS) plan.


To ensure that our hosting is reliable for all customers within a specific server community, we monitor our servers continuously in order to maintain optimal performance, and occasionally have to take preventative measures on individual websites or accounts where resource usage is adversely affecting the server’s performance. If your website is subject to these measures we will attempt to contact you to determine the potential cause for this excessive usage and highlight possible ways you that can make adjustments or changes to your website before we take any corrective actions.


Lastly, our web hosting service is intended for hosting websites, not for backing up or storing user data. Using your web hosting account primarily as an online storage space for archiving electronic files and images is strictly prohibited.

What is unlimited?

  1. Unlimited disk space and / or unlimited storage: Create a website as large as you like, hundreds or thousands of web pages and you will not be penalized for exceeding any upper However, please realize that there are many other users on your server and growing a website too quickly may use excessive resources in a short period of time. If this happens, we may restrict certain resources to prevent other customers’ websites on that server from being adversely affected. The vast majority of our customers' sites grow at rates well within our rules, however, and will not be impacted. Typically, customers only experience issues if they use their accounts for storage (for example large multimedia files)


backup, computer backup, or file sharing. Our web hosting services are not intended to support these activities, and in accordance with our T erms of Service your disk space, storage, bandwidth, and data transfer usage must be exclusively for operating your website normally.

  1. Unlimited websites: You can create as many websites as you want in your
  2. Unlimited email accounts: You can create an unlimited number of email accounts or email However, please keep in mind that the “unlimited disk space” or “unlimited storage” of your hosting plan is intended for website files only. While email account creation is unlimited, these services rely on the file storage available on your account, so you must operate within the T erms of Service to ensure resources are available to fully enable email functionality.
  3. Unlimited hosting space but excessive database files: On most SteadHost Shared and WordPress hosting plans we do not set limits on the amount of disk space, storage, bandwidth, or data transfer allowed for an individual customer account, nor do we charge additional fees based on an increased amount of usage, so long as you are compliant with our T erms of Service. However, SteadHost’s services are designed to host websites and as such we DO NOT provide unlimited space for backups or the archiving of electronic files, emails, documents, log files, , and such activity may result in the suspension or termination of your account without notice. Furthermore, accounts with an extraordinarily large number of files can have an adverse effect on server performance. This includes, but is not limited to, accounts with an excessive number of database file or an unreasonably large database size. SteadHost may request that the number of files/nodes, database tables, or total database usage be reduced to ensure proper performance for all customers on that server, or we may suspend or terminate your account, with or without notice.
  4. Unlimited domain hosting: Most SteadHost Shared and WordPress hosting plans do not set an upper limit to the number of domains a customer can associate with their web hosting


What is unmetered?

Unmetered bandwidth and unmetered data transfer: Unmetered bandwidth and unmetered data transfer mean that we do not have defined limitations on the amount of bandwidth you can use or the amount of data you can transfer. These resources are "unmetered", meaning you are not billed according to the amount of bandwidth used. You can use as much bandwidth and transfer as much data as you need to operate your website normally so long as you comply with our Terms of Service and your website’s resource requests do not negatively impact the performance of the server, including the other websites hosted on the server. If you use your web hosting solution resources appropriately, visitors to your website will be able to view and download as much content from your site as they wish.


For more information please refer to the acceptable use section of our T erms and Conditions.

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